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Hello friends. We're Disney lovin hipsters. We hate Stitch, Mission Space, and the fact that the Adventureland bridge isnt arched anymore. We love the Norway pavilion at Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our real big boy blog is at www.disneyhipsters.com Um, and we also kind of record a podcast as well.

Disney Hipster Blog: Whats So Special About Pecos Bills?

Disney Hipster Blog: Whats So Special About Pecos Bills? 

Mickey and Minnie strolling through the utilidors… 

Disney Hipster Podcast

Episode 53 (and 53.4) of the Disney Hipster Podcast are now available on iTunes!  Join us as we recap our recent WDW trip! Plus our monorail bar crawl…

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1981 map of the Magic Kingdom


1981 map of the Magic Kingdom

   A video of us “rope dropping” at the Magic Kingdom!  Features a cover that Adam did of When You Wish Upon A Star.  Enjoy! And let us know what you think…

plywood neverland.

Episode 33: Disney Hipster Podcast

   This weeks episode is a random segment melange!  Good design/bad design: ride vehicles, Top Five News!, Merchandise loop, listener questions, and a little Disney thought!

Adventureland on Flickr.

Adventureland on Flickr.

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Petes Silly Sideshow! :)

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Disney Hipster Blog: Adventureland Tiki Drums, An Origin Story.

   Interesting cultural backstory of one of my favorite things in the Magic Kingdom! :)