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Hello friends. We're Disney lovin hipsters. We hate Stitch, Mission Space, and the fact that the Adventureland bridge isnt arched anymore. We love the Norway pavilion at Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our real big boy blog is at www.disneyhipsters.com Um, and we also kind of record a podcast as well.

Disney Hipster Blog: The Importance of Well Themed Bathroom Signage at Walt Disney World…
Today is the day! You can purchase my album of original songs about Disney World, Let’s Move To Disney World! on iTunes and other media sites!  All profits are going to Give Kids The World…an amazing organization who provides cost free vacations to children with horrible illnesses.  Please help spread the word about the album, so we can raise some money for this great cause! :)
Here is a link to where you can purchase it via iTunes. 
   Yay! My record of original songs about Disney World comes out on Tuesday!  All proceeds are going to Give Kids The World. For more information please click here…

   Yay! My record of original songs about Disney World comes out on Tuesday!  All proceeds are going to Give Kids The World. For more information please click here…

If you had to spend eight hours straight in either Fantasyland, Frontierland, or Adventureland…which would you choose?  Keep in mind you can’t leave AT ALL, so food choices are as important as attractions. 

Episode 101 of the Disney Hipster Podcast: Post Trip Traditions

   On this episode of Disney Hipster Podcast the gang talks about post trip traditions…both sad and happy things that get us over our post Disney depression. 

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Disney Hipster Blog: The Adventureland Egg Roll Wagon!

 Oh Adventureland Egg Roll Cart…how I love thee.  Nestled in the heart of Adventureland at The Magic Kingdom, this small food cart doesn’t offer much, but does have a pretty huge cult following.
   The theming is very slight with the cart itself, and basically involves a richer color palate than if it were in, say, Tomorrowland or Fantasyland.  But the inclusion of the canvas canopy, held together by rough wooden poles and rope make it trulyAdventureland.  The additional hanging lanterns are a staple that we just can’t ignore either.  Disney LOVES hanging lanterns. (and so do I…)

   The food offerings here are sparse. The main show here are the pork or vegetable egg rolls (this is the egg roll wagon after all…) but also included are bottled beverages, chips, cookies, and apparently corn dogs.  But seriously, make those purchases elsewhere.  

   The vegetable egg roll here is nothing special…and also perfect at the same time.  This savory little snack is exactly what you need sometimes. 
   Very reminiscent of what you might find at any Chinese restaurant. (if your lucky enough to find a veggie egg roll, which is rare.)  The wrapper is thick and layered, while the insides maintain a clearly frozen texture.  But the flavor is pure yummy.  This is comfort food…it doesn’t have to be pretentious.

 I was happy to see that both of the big brands of spicy mustard are available.  True bad Chinese food fans know which one is the real deal though.  I’ll let you experiment to find out which is for you.

    It might not be the most refined snack in the world, but sometimes an Adventureland egg roll is all you need! And sure, you could probably get the exact same rolls in the freezer section of your grocery store, but whats the fun in that?  These snacks fit right in with tiki drums and palm trees…making up the grand whole of Adventureland.

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