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Hello friends. We're Disney lovin hipsters. We hate Stitch, Mission Space, and the fact that the Adventureland bridge isnt arched anymore. We love the Norway pavilion at Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our real big boy blog is at www.disneyhipsters.com Um, and we also kind of record a podcast as well.

Disney Hipster Blog: WDW Countdown Chain: 11 - 7

         From UO May 2014


The entire background music loop from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! :)

Today is the day! You can purchase my album of original songs about Disney World, Let’s Move To Disney World! on iTunes and other media sites!  All profits are going to Give Kids The World…an amazing organization who provides cost free vacations to children with horrible illnesses.  Please help spread the word about the album, so we can raise some money for this great cause! :)
Here is a link to where you can purchase it via iTunes. 
Disney Hipster Blog: Mickey & Minnie Meet and Greet At Animal Kingdom…

Disney Hipster Blog: A Song About “Spinner” Attractions At Walt Disney World! 

Today is Animal Kingdom Lodge’s 13th birthday! :)

Disney Hipster Blog: Whimsical Merchandise Toppers At Creature Comforts


   Love these super charming merchandise toppers found at Animal Kingdom’s Creature Comforts. Such a great detail that fits well on Discovery Island.  See them here…

Love this mural from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge…even though its pretty much in a bathroom.

Love this mural from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodgeeven though its pretty much in a bathroom.