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Hello friends. We're Disney lovin hipsters. We hate Stitch, Mission Space, and the fact that the Adventureland bridge isnt arched anymore. We love the Norway pavilion at Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our real big boy blog is at www.disneyhipsters.com Um, and we also kind of record a podcast as well.

Thanks Disney Hipster Blog Fans!

   So we finally crossed the 3,000 follower threshold on Tumblr.  This has never been our main form of blogging by any stretch of the imagination, but we do really enjoy keeping up with the amazing creativity of the Disney community that thrives on this venue.  I’m inspired every day by the terrific output that you guys display, and enjoy catching up every morning…

   If you are not familiar with us, you can find our main blog at DisneyHipsters.com, we also have a podcast called Disney Hipster Podcast available on iTunes every Monday. 

   The best way to contact us still remains our Twitter account @Disneyhipsters but you can also find us on Instagram. 

   If you ever see us in the parks, please feel free to say hi…we usually have Disney Hipster buttons to hand out.  Thanks again for the follow, and support. :)

Disney Hipster Blog: WDW Countdown Chain: 11 - 7

         From UO May 2014

Disney Hipster Blog: Norway's Spirit Will Always Be Adventure


Disney Hipster Blog: Whats So Special About Pecos Bills?

Disney Hipster Blog: Whats So Special About Pecos Bills? 

Disney Hipster Blog: WDW Countdown 17 - 15:

   We’re counting down 20 things that we’re looking forward to at Walt Disney World this October…today we look at 17-15…

Disney Hipster Blog: Third Anniversary Giveaway!

   To celebrate the third anniversary of Disney Hipster Blog we’re having a giveaway! Please visit the site for details on how to enter! 

Disney Hipster Blog: Do Something New At Walt Disney World…

Main Street USA early 70s - Magic Kingdom


Main Street USA early 70s - Magic Kingdom

(Source: facebook.com)

I know its not a savanna view, but our last room at Animal Kingdom Lodge was pretty damn spectacular…